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Brixton Pottery is designed by Alex and Tania Dufor living in mid Wales. They have being designing Brixton Pottery since 1987. By now they have accumulated a vast number of pottery items which have created a brand in itself.

Brixton Pottery uses spongeware pottery techniques. Spongeware pottery originated 4,000 years ago. During the pottery creation, liquid clay is poured in the mould 11% larger than the finished product. 

At  Pottery Market there are vast collection of Brixton Pottery. There are elegant and decorative collection of mugs and jugs you can shop. Most of the prices range from 9.95 to 21.95.

Brixton Pottery are available in different designs and patterns like  scattered rose, bees, cherries, cockerel and hen, creeping briar, ducks, animals, Lurcher pottery, brixton pottery jugs, owl on stump, panda, penguine, rabbits, sailing boat and lots more designs. Most of them are 250 ml mugs. Different designs of jugs are also available.They are  350 ml jugs. They have different designs on them like Cherries, Cornflower, Creeping Briar, Ducks, Geranium, Hearts, Rabbits, Scattered Rose and many more. There are 40 items of Brixton pottery available here to make sure you don't miss on anything and get wide choice to select the best suited piece four kitchen or living room, to fascinate near and dear ones. The beautiful designs themselves attract every class of people, of different age group be it children or grown up.

Brixton pottery is also available in different shapes like small mug, large mug, small bowl, baby bowl, cereal bowl, milk jug, large pie dish etc.

Brixton pottery is different compared to other potteries in the way it looks. The elegance is clearly visible in the design and gives a unique look to all the decorative Brixton Pottery items. Scattered rose pattern is a beautiful piece of art. It feels the environment with rose aroma and makes us feel nice. Scattered rose pattern can be used for a theme in your housewarming parties.

Different animal design like penguin, cock and hen, rabbits can be used for arranging children parties. They would like the collection of animal potteries.

So buy pottery online at PotteryMarket and give your kitchen or party a new look.


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