Emma Bridgewater Lustre

Emma Bridgewater has one again come up with unique stylish lustre pattern. These astonishing pottery items not only add a new look to your collections but are priceless. These metallic look lustre items would transform the look of the place whereever they are placed. They would glitter like gold under candle light which make them perfect for the Christmas eve.

So get these gorgeous stunning items in your house and surprise your relatives or dear ones with these rare gems.


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Lustre 1/2 Pint Mug (Boxed) is pefect for gifting. It's a sparkling item to be added to your mug collections. Lustre Dove Candle (Boxed) provides the perfect environment in which these stunning lustre pieces at their glittering best. Lustre Serving Bowl (Boxed) perfect for fruit, walnuts, salads or equally beautiful displayed all on its own. Now there is a Lustre large dish boxed serving up large salads, pastas or other culinary delights. Lustre 6 Pint Jug (Boxed) is a rare gem and perfect for gift. Use it to hold flowers at the center of the table and everyone would be astonished.


Maintenance is very important for any pottery items. Please keep the below points in mind while using these pottery items.

1.These products are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

2. Wash by hand with a soft sponge.

3. Never scrub with scouring pad or abrasive materials, this would take away the      metallic shinning look.

So now you all are ready to take home these lustre pieces from PotteryMarket.


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