• How to build a perfect kitchen.

    28 September 2011

    Kitchen is one of the most important place in the whole house. So it's very important to get it right when it's being fitted else everything will need to restructured at a price. There are some tips which can help to build a perfect kitchen - 1. Take your time to choose the fitting you want to have in the kitchen. Don't be in hurry and do as many window shopping till you are not satisfied by your choice… Read More

  • Personalised mugs from potter's world

    02 October 2011


    The look of the mugs have changed from plain and simple to trendy and colorful. Thanks to the pottery world, today there are beautiful and personalised mugs. Sometimes we are not able to express our feelings in… Read More

  • Ceramic – Grace of Kitchenware

    24 June 2012


    Kitchenware which are non breakable and doesn't require much attention will surely rule the kitchen. The attractive ceramic and glass kitchenware are preferred in the houses. These bone china ceramic and glass kitchenware are available in different colours and textures. They can be decorated in amazingly creative and attractive ways. The most important reason… Read More

  • Best Jug from Pottery Market

    15 January 2012

    Jug is one of the most important addition to the dinner table.  These are very useful for any kitchen, great for food preparation and storing measured liquids ready to add in mix. Jug is a must have utensil for any home. Stainless steel and plastic jugs are most sophisticated in the market today. Potterymarket has variety of jugs. 10 best jugs available here are :

    Diablo Water Filter Jug :… Read More
  • Tips for salad presentation on dinning table

    28 November 2011


    Salad has become one of the most desirable item on the dining table. Whether it's young or old everyone likes to have salad in their diet. 

    And from health point also salad is very useful food item. Salad adds fibre in our diet which is very useful for digestion.


    But along with the salad it's presentation on the dinning table is also important.

    Now days there are beautiful salad servers available in the market.  There… Read More

  • Different ways to serve salad

    21 November 2011

    Salad has become an important item in our health diet. But most important of all, it's the presentation of the salad. Whether its house dinner table or 

    a restaurant table, everywhere special care is taken while serving salad.


    Salad are of different types. So is the types of bowls and spoons used for serving salad. 

    There are salad bowls made of wood suitable for serving salads.


    Rubber Wood Salad Bowl Salad Bowl 20cm


    Read More

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