• Make the best decision while choosing a rug.

    13 April 2012


    Nowadays rugs are attached with fashion. They not only solve a purpose but also play a great role in home decoration. Along with the time rug types have also increased. There are both hand and machine made rugs available in the market. Rugs can be woollen or synthetic depending upon your need. They are available in different colour, pattern and designs. So once you have decided to buy rug following points will… Read More

  • Wool Rug or Synthetic Rug

    09 April 2012


    Wool Rug are known for there strength and durability. The ability of the wool to absorb the coloured dyes gives it a great look. This is the reason why even old wool rug would give a fresh look compared to a synthetic rug.  One of the issue with wool rug is they shed. Experience shows every wool rug sheds. If the requirement is… Read More

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