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  • Innovative ways to use multi tiered cake stand

    30 December 2012


    You love cake stand but the thought of using it just for occasions and keeping it on store for the entire year is making you skeptical to buy one? I will share with you ways by which you can use a cake stand at different situation, and you never know after reading all the ideas you may end up buying more than one cake stands.

    Cakes stands are available in different… Read More

  • Have new bedroom curtains this Christmas.

    09 December 2012


    "My greatest trouble is getting the curtain up and down."- T.S. Eliot

    Bedroom curtains are important feature of your bedroom. The color, style and size of your curtains speaks a lot about your room. Curtains have such a powerful impact on your room that it can even make or break the interiors… Read More

  • How to select the best clock for your home and office

    25 November 2012


    "The clock upbraids me with a waste of time."- Shakespeare

    A clock is one of the oldest human inventions. These days a clock is used not only to determine the exact time but it has become an important style statement. A clock is an important wall-decorating accessory of the house. Clock comes in various shapes and sizes from miniature digital ones to oversized analog clock. Due to its versatility it… Read More

  • Home decoration is the new buzzword in interior designing

    27 November 2011

    Designing home interior has evolved to a great extent these days. A well decorated place is admired by everyone. Decoration not only makes the place beautiful but adds a meaning to the place. Now days there are theme based decorations done for a room. There is a bedroom theme, living room theme and similarly office theme.

    Home decorations has different options like beautiful wall clocks, elegant vases and gorgeous framed pictures.

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  • Decorate your home with Framed Pictures.

    25 November 2011

    World is a beautiful place to live in. We admire all the beautiful things we see. It's human nature to feel niece after seeing nature's beauty. This is the reason why we want to capture all the beautiful things we come across. Framed pictures are one of the ways to get all these beautiful scenes in our lovely house. Whether it's one bedroom or living room there are different types of framed pictures available to hang on the wall.

    Pottery Market has an exclusive section on framed pictures to decorate the house. There are collection of the paintings from different artists like Charlotte Hardy, Jonathan Shaw, Caneletto, Sue Fenlon… Read More

  • Decorate your home with vases

    18 September 2011

    Vase gives a new look to the place where ever it is placed. Whether it is home, office or kitchen, vases are for everywhere. Vases not only add beauty to the surrounding but also make it lively. But we need to make sure we have got the right vases. The choice of the vases need to be made by examining the space and the theme of the surrounding. Space is important to determine which size vase would be suitable. Similarly we have different colors and… Read More

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