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  • Mental Health Awareness Month

    11 May 2017

    Mental Health Awareness Month
    May is mental health awareness month. Issues related to mental health is very common around us. However due to unawareness or social stigma,this is most neglected area of health in society.
    People suffering from mental disorder do not actually know that they have any health issue. And by any chance some come to know, they hesistate to seek medical… Read More
  • Halloween with Pottery

    16 October 2015

    Festive season is approaching. Its time to plan for celebration, decoration, costume, candy and greeting cards. Yes, its time for halloween. 
    Its getting dark earlier and weather is getting cooler. When cristmas is still too far, we need something to gear up with the weather changes. A celebration to cheer us up and take our mind off this fact that winter is approaching. Thats why halloween is so… Read More
  • Fathers Day Celebration

    11 June 2012


    Father's day is celebrated on third sunday of June every year. Relationship don't need a day to celebrate, however to give a very special feeling to someone its not a bad idea to devote a day on the name of that relationship. There is no harm in celebration and making someone feel very special and proud. Father's day is one such day to honor fathers and father figures, such as… Read More

  • Celebrate this Valentine day in a different way

    09 February 2012


    Valentine day is known for Gifts of Love. Expressing love in different ways would make your valentine feel special. This is the day when your valentine needs special attention. Its important that there is proper planning for valentine day.

    The morning cup of tea can be enjoyed with Emma Bridgewater special valentine mugs. There are some new mugs to celebrate this occasion.


    While… Read More

  • Try Pottery Gifts for someone you love this Christmas 2011

    18 December 2011


    Christmas is known for gifts. We all exchange gifts on this day. Pottery items makes wonderful choice as gifts for this occasion. They are not only beautiful but also functional. 


    Terracotta Dream Jar can be used as gift for children. This dream jar will help them to make there dream come true. It's a beautiful piece of art from terracotta pottery.


    If someone has recently shifted to new… Read More

  • Pottery housewarming gifts

    08 November 2011

    Moving into a new house is one of the thrills of the lifetime. Housewarming parties and gifts are way to honour this occasion. The gift should be appealing not necessarily costly. It should symbolize the warm gesture of the sender. Housewarming gift should include something which can be used for decoration as well as other use in the new house. Some of the cheap housewarming gifts ideas available at Potterymarket are:

    Read More

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