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  • Blackpool Illuminations

    07 September 2017

    Blackpool Illumination

    The world famous Blackpool Illumination need no introduction. It's the tourism season in Blackpool, starting from end of August to early November, total of sixty six days attracting approximately 3m tourists every year in the light show. This is ideal time as most of the English sea side resorts season come to an end.

    No wonder it's commonly… Read More

  • Fire Fighting insight with Potterymarket

    25 July 2017

    Fire if used properly is of great help. Variety of food can be made tasty by cooking on fire. Beautiful vases and kitchenware can be made using kiln fire. There are 
    lots of other benefits which we can't imagine without fire. Hopefully in olden days its the great forest fire that would have taught men about this 'discovery of the civilization'.The property of fire… Read More
  • Terrorism

    22 June 2017

    Is terrorism only about attacks by group of staunch muslims on the name of Jehad?
    Does it not considers the attack by a sensitive citizen ‌in front of a mosque, this was a revengeful counterattack. Common man get the feeling that Muslims are causing this terror attack. They are responsible for the terrorism. However this is not the truth. They are equal sufferes of this terrorism. They are… Read More
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